Shortcut to Fabulous Patterned Summer Wedges

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I have a confession to make. I am kind of not a fan of summer fashion. I know it is really blasphemy to say something like that on a website that devotes so much real estate to fashion. Here’s the thing. So much of summer fashion revolves around swimwear and sandals, both of which scare me. Swimsuits scare me for obvious reasons, including exposing my well hidden cellulite, untanned and untoned legs. Sandals scare me because I just don’t think there is enough distance between my bare feet and the ground. When summer comes, I skip the sandals and opt for wedges. They create a thicker barrier between me and the ground (good for my germaphobe¬†neurosis) and they make me a little closer to being average height (good for my ego). So, while every other online outlet and magazine is giving you the low-down on fab summer sandals, I present to you five fabulous patterned wedges to consider this summer:

A Little Color Cray Cray but in the Cutest Possible Way. $98 from Free People


Get two trends for the price of one with these tribal and color-blocked wedges $37.99 at Modcloth

Black and White in a fun summer print...enough said. $124.99 from Lori's Shoes.

The mix of black and brown makes this the perfect travel shoe in my book. No more having to choose between a black or beige/brown color palette when packing for a trip. $49.95 at

Ahoy Fashionista....get on the nautical band boat with these uber cute wedges. $44.94 from DSW.

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