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lela rose

New York Fashion Week frenzy is officially over…for now and I am happy to report I survived what has become a complete circus. Photographers parked outside Lincoln center to snap shots of “street” fashion without a care in the world for the real art that is ensuring inside, wannabes loitering in their zaniest outfits outside the tent hoping a photographer will snap away and then ask them what they are wearing and of course the part that is most important but no one seems to care too much about anymore…the shows themselves. There is something magical that happens inside those tents when the lights dim and a show is about to begin. It is theater and art rolled into one. Me, I opt for standing in the back…always giving up my seat cause the best view is in the back behind the flashbulbs snapping celebs in the front row and the bright screens of bloggers phones tweeting about how fabulous they are because they are seated at a NYFW show. Nope, standing is the only way to go for any true fashionista who is vertically challenged like myself. I attended a few shows and saw a great mix of fabrics, interesting color palettes, American designers taking a few risks and plenty to be excited about for Fall 2013.

The standout to me was Lela Rose. I loved the simple styles that looked haute enough for runway and risky enough to be called fashion but still maintaining a down to earth “I could wear that” feel. I was so in awe I didn’t really snap to many photos…I never do because for me it is about the clothes and the experience, but this dress caught my eye and I think the color combination would work well on just about anyone. To me Lela Rose is a designer that every career girl should aim to own one of her pieces. Her clothes are designed by a woman to fit a real woman.

Overall, Fashion Week was fun albeit predictable. If you have always wanted to attend a show, there are ways mere mortals can score a seat with companies like American Express. This year Amex partnered with Carolina Herrera and had a whole experience that was available for purchase to the public. I have never entered the tents this way myself, but I think it could be a worthwhile experience for anyone who loves fashion and wants to see what all the fuss is about.

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