Shortcut to Fabulous Skin

GG_Box_Jar_web-1I am obsessed with keeping my skin looking at youthful as possible. I have a fabulous dermatologist on speed dial and she helps keep my skin in order with chemical peels twice a year. For the in-between maintenance, I try to hit the spa for facials and microdermabrasion treatments, but my addiction to clothes and shoes often leaves me with an empty pocketbook and no money for a spa session. So, what is a girl to do?! Find a great mask that she can use at home!

My mask of choice…GLAMGLOW Mud Mask. This mask has caught the eye of celebs and power players with great skin. I tried this mask out in the second half of last year and fell in  L-O-V-E. It does not have a drugstore price tag at $69.00 for a jar, but it has luxury spa and salon quality ingredients that make it well worth the price tag. Plus, a jar will last a long time and you will love the way the mask makes your skin feel and look. It clears your pores and makes your skin feel smooth and radiant. The smell is heavenly and it makes you feel luxurious every time you use it. It has volcanic rock and French sea clay in in…oh la la…what more do you need! You can find that mask at Bliss stores and by clicking here.  Buy a jar for yourself and a jar for your gift closet!

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