Shortcut to Fabulous Small Space Entertaining- Dinner Party!

dinnerpartyetiquette1So what if I told you that you could have a Martha [Stewart] worthy dinner party in a 700 square foot apartment? You would flip over the fabulosity right! Guess what? I am about to tell you how!

The key to entertaining in a fabulously small space is to think outside the box and be prepared to re-arrange furniture and rent some items if needed. For example, if you want to hold a dinner party for eight, but have a table for two, consider using your sofa as seating. Here is how it can work: I highly recommend every small space dweller buy one of an adjustable height folding table. You can store the table against the wall in a walk-in closet (behind your clothes) or under your bed when not in party mode. This table is awesome because on the lowest height setting it is at couch level, so can use your sofa as seating. (At the highest setting you have a bar!) Move your coffee table to another room and set up the table in front your your couch. Sit on the sofa and pretend to eat to see where you should place the folding table.

dinner partyIf you need seating for the other side, buy some cheap, yet chic storage ottomans for under $30 from Walmart or Target. These ottomans are perfect because you can use them as extra storage and extra seating. They can be stacked in a closet, grouped together as a coffee table or extra seating in your living room.

Don’t have a square inch to spare to store this stuff? Rent it! Or consider having a buffet style dinner party and renting small tables and chairs to seat two to four and placing several tables in your living space. Regardless of what option you chose, moving your coffee table to a bedroom or balcony is probably necessary in a small space.

Now, on to the tablescape. Need to create a fun tablescape on the cheap? Try using candles and curling ribbon like we did in the tablescape here.  Charger plates instantly glam up a table and can double as serving trays when you are having a cocktail party. Try and get something that coordinates with your china and in a neutral, such as a silver or gold, so you can use and reuse with any theme.

Not sure what to serve or want some tips for cocktail parties? Sign up for our newsletter and learn more shortcuts to fabulous small space entertaining in weeks to come!!!!

So, assess your living space, make your perfect dinner party guest list and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous small space entertaining.

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