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I discovered and I am now obsessed with a new social media platform….The Fancy. It is kinda like Pinterest, but you can actually buy the stuff you “Fancy.” It is based out of NYC which makes me like it even more. There aren’t cutesy craft things and recipes that you will NEVER try like Pinterest, but they have really cool stuff and I have already “Fancied” a ton of stuff that I kinda want to check out for my apartment. The categories are all things I love….Women’s, Art, Home, Food, Travel and they even have a Crafts category. I have found about ten hotels in Europe that I want to check out and tons of other stuff. I know, I know…you can barely keep up with the Social Media platforms you are currently using…trust me I know! However, The Fancy is worth a Looksey and is really special and unique cause you can actually easily purchase the stuff you see, earn $ off by using the site and shop sales and deals. Check it out here…oh and if you sign up I get credits for all of the things I have fancied…so thanks in advance :)

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