Shortcut to Fabulous Strawberry Shortcake

trifleWith the weird weather, Strawberry season may be cut short. However, right now the berries in the store are bright red and beautiful. This super easy dessert is great for entertaining and takes about 15-20 minutes total prep time.

Here is what you need:

Trifle dish or clear glass dish

JELLO Vanilla instant pudding mix


1 Tub of Cool whip Whipped Topping ***Make sure this is thawed before you begin to make this dish

1 or 2 Packages of strawberries (depending on how much Strawberry flavor you want)

1 Prepackaged sour cream loaf or pound cake (Sarah Lee has a frozen pound cake or Entenmann’s┬áhas a pound cake and sour cream loaf)

Splenda or sugar

Here’s how you make it:

Prepare instant pudding per package instructions (we use skim milk) and place in the fridge. Cut three quarters of the strawberries into quarters and place them in a bowl. Add Two tablespoons of sugar and place in fridge. This works best if the strawberries sit for at least a few hours or overnight, but if you are short on time, proceed to the next steps. Take cake out of package and cut into bite sized pieces. Line the bottom of the trifle dish with half of cake pieces. Take pudding out of fridge. Add half of cool whipped topping to pudding mix and stir well until the two are combined. Add half of the sugared strawberries to the top of cake pieces in trifle bowl. Add half of whipped topping and pudding mixture to the top of strawberries in trifle bowl. Continue with another layer. Add plain whipped topping to the top of trifle dish and whole strawberries you reserved earlier to the top and voila!!!

You can also make individual servings in a wine glass, compote dish. Get creative! The key here is using a clear dish so they layers are visible.

So add the ingredients above to your grocery list and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous Strawberry yumminess!

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