Shortcut to Fabulous Tea Time

tea setcambria coveI went to a fabulous tea party about a month ago to watch the Royal Wedding at a friend’s house. This friend is oozing with diva style and everything she does is fabulous. The tea party was straight out of the teat party text book complete with scones and clotted cream, beautiful china and a fabulous full bunch of gorgeous white hydrangeas. The party made me realize that I am missing an important component to being fabulous…having a fabulous set of tea cups and saucers at the ready for a tea party. I stumbled upon the set pictured here and this is now at the absolute top of my wish list…well right behind a Chanel handbag and a pair of the new Christian Louboutin Prorata curved pumps in nude. The price is a little steep…$150, but this is a commemorative set of tea cups and saucers includes one cup and saucer each in Royal Albert patterns from the first five decades of the 20th century: 1900 Regency, 1910 Duchess Spring, 1920 Meadow, 1930 Polka Rose, and 1940 English Chintz. Oh and they are dishwasher safe. Click on the picture to get them. It comes in the hat box shown in the photo. I found the same set sans hat box for $139.99…click here for that price.

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