Shortcut to Fabulous…Ten Best Beauty Products of 2010

top ten10. Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter . The most luxe, hydrating, non-greasy, delicious smelling lotion I’ve found. It hydrates, dry scaly skin without being greasy and it absorbs super fast. It is pricier than a drugstore moisturizing lotion, but worth the splurge!

9. Dermablend Quick Fix Concealer SPF 30. Hands down, the best concealer I’ve tried for my deep, hereditary dark circles. Nothing covers my racoon eyes like Dermablend and it works great for pimples, freckles and scars. It is $22.00 for a tube and each tube lasts about 6-8 months with daily use. To apply, smudge some on the heel of your hand and apply with concealer brush or ring finger.

8. MAC Blushcreme. A good friend of mine interviewed at my office this summer. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in person and after the interview I did what every girl does after staring at a girl that she knows is prettier…I did a little check of my own face. I discovered that it looked like I had NO make up on. I couldn’t believe it…it was only 11 am and I put on a full face of make up before I left the house at 8:45! My company offered her the job and I am thrilled to get to see my friend everyday because she is as nice as she is pretty. However, I realized when she got hired I had to amp up my make-up game and that is when I discovered Mac’s Blushcreme. I am not the best make-up artist, so the idea of creme blush was intimidating. But, once I got a lesson at the MAC makeup counter, I now have rosy cheeks that last all day. If I want super lost lasting blush, I finish it off with my favorite powder blush. Click here to order. Oh and by the way, I use the MAC 130  Short Duo Fibre Brush to apply. I might never be as pretty as my friend, but her blush wont ever outlast mine again!

7. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 with Lemon and Chamomile.Yes this is a men’s product…yes every woman should own it! This lip balm is not greasy, absorbs well and smells divine. A tube lasts forever and at $7.00 wont break the bank. Click here to order.

6. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. This is the best $14.99 you will ever spend for something out of a spray can. The airbrush leg spray is basically spray on pantyhose. It makes your legs look flawless and if you get caught in the rain you wont be a streaky mess cause it stays put until you wash it off with good soap. I am certain this is what celebrities use when they walk the red carpet with bare legs, and I use it to when I want to be camera ready with my bare legs. A little application tip: Spray it onto your hands and then rub it on your legs. You will get more even coverage, use less and make less of a mess. Make sure you let it dry for about 2 minutes before you put on clothes, especially light clothing.

5. Clinique Quickliner for Eyes. The easiest eyeliner to use for quick five minute make-up and the price is right at $14.50. This long lasting formula has a twist up applicator to keep the liner from drying out and a smudge tool built in so you can create a smoky eye. Click here to order from Sephora.

4. GLAMGLOW Mud Mask. The newest mask to catch the eye of celebs and power players with great skin. I tried this mask out in the second half of the year and fell in L-O-V-E. It is a little pricey at $69.00 for a jar, but a jar will last a long time and you will love the mask. It clears your pores and makes your skin feel smooth and radiant. Plus, the smell is heavenly and it makes you feel luxurious every time you use it. It has volcanic rock and French sea clay in in…oh la la…what more do you need! You can find that mask at Bliss stores and by clicking here. Oh and guess what? Thanks to our friends at GLAMGLOW, if you enter code “Friends20″ in the coupon code of the GLAMGLOW website at check out you will receive 20% off and complimentary shipping. Buy a jar for yourself and a jar for your gift closet!


3. Miss Oops Rescue Sponge. Every gal needs a rescue sponge in her travel kit and in her dressing area. Miss Oops rescue sponge removes deodorant smears and smudges from fabric. Two sponges are sold for $12.00.

2. Maja Cream Powder. Pronounced “Maha.” This is the best powder to set your make up for the price ($7.49 on Amazon). It smells divine and sets your make up for long-lasting, all day wear. Plus, it evens out your complexion. You can use it as a powder foundation or on top of your make up to set it and the color choices are perfect for those of us who are do not have peaches and cream white skin. Great for olive skin tones, but if you are peaches and cream they have a color for you too!

1. Shellac Nail System. The Shellac nail system changed my life. Nail polish that lasts for two weeks, no chipping…I didn’t believe it either. In fact, the first time I tried it, my nails were a hot mess after a week. However, I  knew something was wrong when I sat in the chair at that hack of a nail salon, so I tried it again at a nail salon with a nail tech who knew what she was doing and it changed my life. Two and sometimes three weeks with no chipping! I even found a secret to beat the boring, small nail color selection Shellac has. Shellac works with Essie polish. Your nail tech just has to dry your nails twice under the UV lamp for each coat of Essie. Once you go Shellac you’ll never go back! Click here to find a salon near you that has the system.

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