Shortcut to Fabulous Tips on Organizing your Beauty Products from @Glamourmag

Inexpensive easy ways to Organize your Beauty Products in the Bathroom

In the digital age, we are now bombarded with content whether it be from Twitter, Pinterest, websites, e-blasts…you name the source, we get info updates on a micro-second basis. With all of this information, you would think we would all have perfect homes, perfect hair and eat perfect meals. But alas….we get bombarded with information, but how much of it is just a load of rubbish or recycled information from 100 other websites? I really work hard to make sure that the content you receive on this website is unique and original and when someone else has a Shortcut to Fabulous living that tops anything I can come up with, I send you over to them for the day, hoping you subscribe to the old addage, “Make new friends, but keep the old”….weren’t we all Brownies at some point?!

Today, I made a discovery on Glamour Magazine’s blog that really had me in awe. They give you fab ways to organize the mess that has become our beauty products in the bathroom. Lord knows I have tried to tame that beast referred to as “War Paint” by the hubs, but every day my bathroom looks like Duane Read, Target and Nordstrom beauty aisles exploded on my vanity. ¬†You really have to click here to check out Glamour’s clever ways to get whip your bathroom vanity into shape…on and these are tips you can do yourself…not the ones that require a ton of money or sleeping with a carpenter. Bravo to Beth Shapouri who wrote the article…I don’t know you, but I sure want to after seeing this!

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