Shortcut to Fabulous Vacation Photos

claire morgan2All fabulous people have fabulous photographs of themselves. On a recent trip to Vienna, my husband and I decided to treat ourselves to a professional photography session. We (meaning I) wanted pictures that belong on a postcard instead of the lame point and shoot photos we take. We usually try and get professional photographs once a year, so we decided this year we would do it jet-set style on our trip to Europe.

claire morgan 1I scoured the internet and found a photographer that spoke English and provided us with a one hour photo shoot at the City Hall, Parliament building and local park in Vienna. We had a great time at the shoot and got to mingle with a local. When we saw the pictures we were floored at how absolutely fabulous they were. Thanks to Claire Morgan, one of the most talented and gifted photographers I have ever encountered, I have amazing photos to remember our Vienna vacation. If you are ever in Vienna with your significant other or family, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Ms. Morgan. Click here to visit her website. If you ever venture to Vienna around Christmas time, you must call her. I saw some of her winter shots and they are breathtaking!claire3

If Vienna is not on your itinerary for your next vacation, have no fear. Of course, I am going to tell you how to find your own fabulous photographer in whatever fabulous location you have in mind! Once you have planned your vacation, do a Google search for “photographers in (City Name).” Also, try searching for wedding photographers or photographers that take engagement photos in your selected city, and check out this website: Then, email prospective photographers to inquire about price, location and availability. I recommend asking for a weekday session if you can, as many photographers spend their weekends at weddings and other special events. You are going to be on vacation right?! So, weekdays wont be an issue for you! Ask to see a gallery of their photos if you have not already checked some out on the web to make sure you like the photographer’s style. Make sure they are going to provide you with the photos in digital format either via email or on disc and the price they quoted you includes this.

Once you have secured a photographer, confirm with them via phone or email a week or two before you leave for the trip and again before departing and once more when you reach your final destination. Bring a few outfits that match the mood you want to create for your photos and consider making an appointment to get your hair done on the day of the shoot. I opted not to make a hair appointment and packed my travel flat iron instead. On the day of the shoot leave yourself extra time to get ready and take your lipstick, hairbrush and some accessories to the shoot to create different looks. Then, enjoy your faux model moment in the spotlight and strike a pose.

A few weeks later, you will be rewarded with amazing photographs ready for framing, Christmas cards and a fabulous coffee table worthy album! For a few hundred dollars and maybe even less you can capture memories of your fab vacation with your family, friends or other loved ones that will last a lifetime.

So, when you are planning your next vacation book a photography session with a local photographer and be glad you received this shortcut to fabulous photos!

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