Shortcut to Fabulous Vintage Finds

estate sales

Vintage shops seem to be price gauging these days and find a treasure at an affordable price is getting harder and harder. I blame it on Sex and the City, but I guess that is the price you pay for priceless television and film. Carrie made it cool to wear vintage and every fabulous girl needs a little vintage in her closet. There are numerous routes to vintage treasure hunting, but one of my favorites is going to estate sales. Estate sales are usually sales of the entire contents of a home and you can find some great stuff. But how do you find estate sales? Ah….that is where I come in…am I not the girl who finds you shortcuts to fabulous living? Okay, so here is the dish. There is a website called and they list estate sales all over the country. The best part is that you can get an emailed list of Estate Sales in your area every week. What I love about this site is that it is a collection of auctioneers and estate sale organizers who are using this as a way to advertise their sales and drive traffic, so they post pictures of some of the items and you can get an idea of whether the items pique your interest. I am not going to lie…there is a certain creep factor in rummaging through a deceased persons belongings in their home, but if you remind yourself that you are helping their family earn some cash and it is the same stuff you would see in an overpriced vintage store, the creep factor diminishes. So, arrive early and happy hunting!

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