Shortcut to Fabulous Wall Decor

HG000182We found this fun, fabulous golden flower bursts at Jayson Home and Garden, click here to order. They start at $45 and will make a big impact…even with a small budget. We think these bursts look great as shown here in a group of three, but if you are on a tight budget try getting just one and grouping it with some lower end items such as the chestnut profile shelves from the Container Store photographed below on sale for under $30. Get two different size shelves and then one burst. Group them along a wall. You can change out the pictures and items displayed on the shelves whenever your mood changes! You can add even more impact by spray painting objects gold or brass color and putting them on the shelves. Any object would work. You could find an ugly garden frog on the clearance shelf in the Garden section at your local home improvement store. Spray paint it gold or brass color, and…voila…a decorator look on a budget!

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