Shortcut to Fabulous Way to wear Brooches as pins and then convert them to necklaces!


I have a pretty decent brooch collection consisting of stuff from my grandmother’s collection and my penchant for pretty vintage consume jewelry. I try to use them as much as possible, but somehow the drawer with brooches often gets neglected. I was so excited when I saw the brooch trend forecasted for Fall and got me to open my brooch drawer and assess my goodies. I realized that a lot of my pieces would look fab as necklaces and so I decided to do some research to find a way to convert brooches into necklaces. Well apparently, I am not the first genius to think of this conversion and there are actually brooch Converters  you can purchase on Amazon  for less than $3 in both gold and silver tone finishes. I feel so stupid for not having discovered this sooner and I just can’t wait to get my converters in the mail and start using my brooches…who am I kidding?! This is just an excuse to further add to the collection because now I can justify the purchase as a brooch and necklace in one! For more tips inclusion a DIY for converting brooches to necklaces, check out this website.

If you are not keen on converting there are so many clever ways to wear brooches, especially this fall. Here are a few of my faves: 1) to add pizzaz to a collared shirt, place a brooch at the top bottom (see photo below). 2) Cluster them on a blazer 3) Use them to clasp a sweater


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