Shortcut to Fabulous Ways to Fake 8 Hours of Sleep


by Kristin Makai Sangren

Every once in a while, a Thursday happy hour somehow morphs into a bar-hopping-til-last-call sort of situation.  While dragging ourselves out of bed on Friday morning can feel like the hardest endeavor ever, sometimes we just can’t afford to take a sick day.  At times when we’re not able to squeeze in our proper 8 hours, we have to find a way to fake it at the office.  Throw on an extra large pot of coffee and try these techniques to look fresh and rested, even if you’re a complete zombie inside.

Take a Cool Shower

Cold showers are certainly not relaxing, but they do have a great stimulating effect.  Cooler temperatures encourage circulation in the skin and tighten up areas that are sagging with fatigue.  Cold water is also great for temporary mental alertness.  To amplify the effect, try a tea tree oil or peppermint infused shampoo (Paul Mitchell makes a great one…click here to check it out.

The Freezer Spoon Technique

This one takes a little foresight.  When you stumble through your front door at 1:30 a.m. and you know you have to be up at 7, head over to your silverware drawer, take out two spoons and put them in your freezer.  The next morning when you wake up, take the spoons out and cup them over your closed eyes until the spoons are no longer cool.  This will help de-puff your eyes by constricting the blood vessels around them, as well as bring a little circulation and color to your skin.  Then wash your face, do your makeup and head out.

The Corner Eyeshadow Technique

Grab a light-colored frosted eyeshadow.  Using a small fluffy brush or your ring finger, pat it into the inside corner of your eyes, right around the tear duct.  Be sure the shadow is well blended.   This creates the illusion of wide, open eyes, and draws attention away from dark under eye circles.  Darker or olive skin tones should choose a peachy shade, while pale girls can get away with a silver or starker white.  Whatever you do, do NOT use a glittery eyeshadow.  Glitter particles can lodge in your eye and cause serious irritation and redness, augmenting tired eyes.

Curl Your Eyelashes

Another tried-and-true tactic to open up tired eyes is to bust out the old eyelash curler.  For added staying power, hold a lighter up to the metal part of the curler for a few seconds.  The heat will lock in the curl for longer, but be sure to test the hot curler with your finger before holding it up to your sensitive eyelid skin.  Top with a few coats of waterproof mascara, which contains more wax than normal mascara and will hold your curl even longer.

The Covert Power Nap

We’ve all done it.  Come lunch hour, close your office door, turn out your light, curl up under your desk and catch as many Z’s as you can muster.  Don’t forget to set your cell phone alarm or you may find yourself awoken by the night maintenance guy…or your boss…eek!

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