Shortcut to Fabulous Ways to Save Money this Weekend and Beyond

saving moneyWe thought we would bring you some ways to save money this weekend and beyond, so here are the deals and steals we rounded up:

  • Today on Rue La La at 11 am, they are having a sample sale on Seven for All Man Kind Jeans for both men and women. Click here to become a member of Rue La La and score a pair of discount premium jeans.
  • Today on Woot, they are selling a TOM, TOM GPS system with live support for $129.99. Click here to get the deal.
  • Today’s daily deal on Amazon is a Toshiba Recordable DVD Player for $89.99. You can record your favorite shows or movies on tv to a DVD with this cool gadget! Click here to get it.
  • Have you signed up for Groupon yet? Groupon is a website that sells discount certificates to all kinds of fun stuff from local restaurants, bakeries and organic grocers to theater tickets, gym memberships dances classes and so much more. A specified number of people have to buy into the deal for everyone to get it…think collective bargaining! You can sign up for daily emails and receive updates when new Groupon deals are available for your city. Click here to sign up and get some great deals.
  • P.F. Changs is probably my  favorite chain restaurant. I love the Garlic Noodles with Chicken, Wonton Soup and newly discovered Hot Fish. I get 10% knocked off my bill every time I go with my “Warrior Card.” It is so simple to save with P.F. Changs. You go to their website, give them your physical address and they send you this cute little card with your name on it. You stick it in your wallet and whip it out whenever you got to P.F.’s. Hint: If you are going with a group of friends don’t ask for separate checks and divide the bill at the end so everyone can save (also they will only apply one card per table). Click here to get yours now.
  • When is the last time you called the major insurance auto carriers and got a quote? A phone call to the major carriers every six months could save you hundreds of dollars. Rates change from year-to-year as does your underwriting risk level. So, take half an hour today and call the major carriers and get a quote. I would stick to getting quotes from companies who have been rated well by J.D. Power and Associates…click here for the list. Click here for Clark Howard’s guide to having the right coverage. We are partial to GEICO, but there is a bias cause the Gecko puts food on my table :) Oh and of course we have the number for you to get a GEICO quote:1-800-861-8380. This sounds boring and mundane, but I bet you will save money if you spend some time this weekend to shop around…imagine more shopping money!
  • Get coupons sent to your cell phone…it’s called digital couponing. A site we love is called CellFire. You just enter your cell phone, year of birth, zip code and email address. You can browse the offers online or on your phone and save them to your phone. They you show the cashier the offer on your phone and get the savings! Another site offering digital savings is called Qponomics. You just go to the website and click on the type of smart phone you have to download the App.

So, start clicking your way to savings and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous finances!

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