Shortcut to Fabulous Website for All the New College Grads Who are Freaking out!

career imagesI just attended a college graduation this weekend and I was reminded of all of the angst and anxiety that comes along with the diploma. As I was looking down at all of the young, fresh faces at Northwestern’s graduation, I wondered how many of these bright, young students with an enviable diploma were still looking for work. My guess is, a lot! I remember wondering on graduation day if I would ever have enough money to afford the essentials…you know….rent, food, shoes. I graduated during the last economic downturn, and I remember how many of my classmates did not have jobs on graduation day. Graduating from college in a good economy is scary enough, but in a bad it can be downright depressing! Well, I found the perfect website for all of these young grads. It is a blog called Ramen Noodles, Rent and Resumes. Kristen Fischer is a freelance writer who brilliantly blogs on career advice. Everything from moving home after graduation day to profiles of newbies to the workforce. If you know a recent college grad, do them a favor and send them a link to Ramen, Noodles, Rent and Resumes.

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