Shortcut to Fabulous Winter Warmth

Looking fabulous amidst all of the snow and cold temperatures can be difficult, especially on a budget. If the snow storms and cold temperatures left you feeling less than fashionable, check out our fabulous, fashionable and budget friendly winter looks. Here are our Shortcuts to Finding fabulous Winter Wear:

  • Shop online so you can try on different winter looks with Stuff you already have in the comfort of your own home. Have you ever tried on coats in a hot department store? Not pleasant! At home you can turn off the heat or step outside to cool off.
  • Use a site like Shopstyle to alert you when items you like go on Sale. Right now and through March, Nordstrom will have great deals on coats and jackets….just remember you can sort by price on Nordstrom’s website
  • Fight the fear and order a wide selection of coats, scarves and hats from one store so you can try different options. The sticker shock at the online checkout might give you a mild panic attack, but remind yourself you will be returning 90% of the items and you will be able to breath again…at least long enough to click the “submit order” button.
  • Order from a store that allows you to return to their Brick and Mortar store. Our pick: Nordstrom. They have amazing sales on coats, $5 shipping and super generous return policies.
  • Spend more on winter wear in basic colors and go for the cheaper items for trendy colors or prints. For example, basics from Nordies and trendy items from F21.
  • When your mail order winter goodies arrive by mail, plan to spend a few hours trying the new bobbles with things already in your wardrobe and take photos of yourself in different options so you can mull over and decide what to keep and what to return.

A day out on the Town

Work Chic

Rain or Snow wont Slow me Down

Night Time is the Right Time

Weekend Warrior

Brazen at ShopStyle

So, make some hot cocoa, order an insane amount of coats and make a date to enjoy this shortcut to fabulous winter wear!

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