Shortcut to Fabulously Smooth Skin

wax stripsSmooth skin is something every fabulous woman has. Monthly or even bi-monthly visits to the salon for waxing is a regular part of my routine. A few years ago I started tracking my beauty and fashion expenditures. I was shocked when I realized how much smooth skin was costing me. In addition, there have been times when I have gotten busy and it seems like the hair on my upper lip grew in over night. With no time to go take care of business, I panicked and pulled out the tweezers…ouch!! After one painful tweezing session, I set out on a mission to try and find a way to “self wax.”

I found a quick, easy and inexpensive solution to reduce waxing appointments. Sally Hanson Wax Strips are the perfect product, but not if you follow the directions on the box. The directions on the box instruct you to warm the strips by rubbing vigorously between your hands. I tried that method and ended up with a glob of goo on my leg. Then, I had a light bulb moment and decided to use my hairdryer to heat the strips. Voila! Wax strips heated to perfection. I use the strips between salon visits and by heating the strips with my hairdryer, I am able to get optimal heat and hair removal. A box of wax strips costs about $10. So, for about $10 you can have silky smooth skin without monthly visits to the wax parlor, or you can just use the strips for touch ups when you discover unwanted hair has grown back. Follow all of the directions on the box, just use your hairdryer, not your hands to heat the strips.

***Oh, one more thing, the lawyer in me must tell you to use a thermometer or some other safe method to test the temperature of the strips before you put them on your body.

Get your hairdryer ready and enjoy this shortcut to fabulous silky skin!

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