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You know you loved the title of this blog post….okay so maybe it is a little Manchego Cheesy, but I love it and I love this candle. 45 hours of burn time, just hit the market and can be purchased at Neiman Marcus. Yes I know $48 is a lot to spend on a candle, but we are not talking about a Glade candle here…this is Jason Wu people and after the Jason Wu for Target crazypalooza, I feel like spending $48 for a candle is a completely sane move….


Here are the deets about the scent:


Orchid Rain combines white orchid the Cattleya orchid with nashi pear, pomegranate and goji berry.

The fruity-floral essences are enhanced with blonde birchwood and hints of pink pepper and coconut. The sophisticated, custom-made porcelain candle vessel features a signature Jason Wu print in a bisque finish, and it is topped with an elegant, gold-plated lid.

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