Shortcuts to Fabulous Pampering- Spa Week 2009

spa week

Everyone knows Spas are an integral part of living the modern fabulous life. However, if you are like me, the state of the economy has made it a little harder to justify indulgences at your favorite spa. Well, I am happy to report that I think the economy is on its way back and even if it is not, the $50 treatments offered during national Spa Week will be make you feel like it is.

Spa week is still a month away. So, why am I writing about it now? Because, I am giving you a shortcut to fabulous of course! Spa Week is only a week-long event, so appointments fill up fast. This shortcut is about planning ahead. Spa week takes place in either Mid-September or Mid-October, depending on your geographic location. You can begin to book your appointment a month before spa week begins in your respective location. Check out the schedule below to see when your state will be celebrating Spa Week and visit the Spa Week website for further details.

Once you have figured out when your location will have Spa Week specials, create a calendar entry for yourself on your email, PDA, Outlook or other calendaring device for exactly one month before the start of your area’s Spa Week. When that day comes, be the first to go online and book your treatment. Being the early bird will give you your choice of dates and times. In addition, it will ensure that you will not miss out on this incredible deal.

The Fall 2009 Spa Week Event takes place:

September 14-20: Arizona, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle.

October 12-18: Denver, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Boston, Detroit, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Virginia Beach and Toronto, Canada.

Can’t wait a month and a half to go to the spa? Then check out the steals and deals section of the website for current deals. I also recommend visiting the website or calling your favorite spa to see if they have any pre-spa week specials. One of my favorite Spas, The Standard, has a yummy 45 minute gingergrass bamboo scrub and a 50 minute anti-oxidant facial starting next week. Imagine 95 minutes of pampering at one of the world’s premier hotel spas for $100!

For Miami residents Miami Spa Month has been extended to the end of August. Miami Spa Month is a similar program, but treatments are $99. Check out the participating spas and treatments:

So let’s be philanthropists for the world economy and take this shortcut to fabulous skin, body and soul.

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