Website Wednesday…Shortcut to a Fabulous Raise

imagesWho: Smart people with a great website called Get Raised, who have all of the data complied about salaries and stuff that can help you get a raise!

What:  A simple four step process with one great promise at the end of it all.

1.  Tell them what you do,where you do it, and how much you’re paid—it is that easy.

2. We compare your salary to others in your area and tell you if you’re underpaid for free!

3. We ask you a few questions to prepare acustom raise request that you can print out for just $20.

4. You give your boss the raise request and ask for your raise! If you don’t get a raise within 6 months, we’ll refund your money.

A raise within six months, or your money back. That’s the $20 promise….yes it only costs $20 for the service.

When: Today!


Why: Cause who doesn’t deserve some more shoe and handbag money!!

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